Insurance and Other Glass

In Massachusetts, most auto insurance policies that have comprehensive coverage automatically include auto glass replacement and repair coverage, and better yet these plans will not apply your insurance deductible.  So you can get your glass fixed or replaced without having to spend a dime out of pocket.
For faster service, make sure to fill out a complete form online so they can file your auto glass claim for you.
If in the event you do not have glass coverage, or prefer to pay out of pocket, ask if they conveniently accept all major credit cards, as well as cash payments.
​Check with a few different glass shops to see if they are priced competitively so they can help out all customers no matter what their situation.

Most of the time, the typical kind of damage will usually be on the windshield of vehicles.  But windshields are not the only glass on vehicles, there are many other types of glass damage, and a good glass technician team are equipped to deal with all of them.  Check out this list of some of the other types of auto glass:

  • Rear Windshield repairs
  • Moon Roof glass repair
  • Power window glass repair
  • Rear slider window glass
  • Side lite glass
  • Passenger side window glass
  • RV glass

Visibility and Protection is the main purpose that our car windshields provide, no matter what type of vehicle we are driving or riding in.  Advances in glass technology provide better strength, durability and visibility, however all types of auto glass still can be vulnerable to chips, cracks, and breakage at some point.  Good visibility when driving on the roads is highly crucial to our safety.  If there is a crack slowly creeping across your windshield, that can be very distracting and poses as a real danger.  Get it fixed as soon as possible!  All other types of glass on your vehicle that are breakable might at some point need fixing too.