Glass Cracks

We are here to help with information for you to answer the question on whether or not your windshield needs a full replacement or if a repair to the glass will be sufficient. Both types of glass services on-site are provided through mobile service, and providing your glass technician with the most descriptive information about your auto glass damage when calling in is very helpful.  In most cases the windshield will need to be replaced if the crack is larger than your hand.  Some chips and holes are also too big to be filled with a repair and will also need to be replaced.  However, smaller sized chips, pits and little cracks can be filled, cured and repaired and takes under an hour usually to complete.
At any Auto Glass Shop make sure they give you a straightforward analysis and diagnosis of your glass damage and what the best option is for your particular vehicle. 
  As always, just call if you’re unsure of which option will be the best for you.  Additionally, getting a good fair price quote for auto glass is key, that is competitive and reasonable.
A place that conveniently accept cash or credit for your windshield replacement or repair is important, or ask if they can file a glass claim for you directly to your auto insurance. 

One of the most common damage types we find to windshield is a crack, or multiple cracks spread out like a star.   When the crack is quite small they are most likely able to simply fill it and repair it easily. But when a small crack is left unattended to, over time with any kind of pressure, weather damage, or exposure to the elements that crack will continue to spread and has the potential to become hazardous on the roads if it cracks further while driving.   You will not be able to renew your mandatory inspection sticker if your windshield has cracks in it, because of the safety issues.  When in doubt, always consult an auto glass professional. They will give you the best advice on repairing the cracks in your windshield.

In most cases a repair to your windshield will be a quicker and easier fix than a full replacement.  The team of service technicians in glass service industries have years of experience and expertise necessary to repair any kinds of small cracks, or chips. Better to fix glass damage when it’s still small, before it grows into a bigger problem.  Even the smallest cracks under any kind of added pressure from strong winds while driving, to bad weather can get worse quite quickly.  No scratch or crack is too small to fix!  They also specialize in windshield chip and windshield crack repairs.
Repairs to your windshield will be quicker than a full replacement. Most of the time they are able to perform repairs in under an hour, including curing time. When calling, please be very specific in describing the type of damage your windshield has, so they can make the best assessment over the phone before coming out to your vehicle for the repair. If you need windshield repair call now for a free quote or if you have any questions at all about the type of repair you might need.

Let’s say you are driving (at a reasonable speed), past the Merrimack River, when suddenly you hear that dreaded loud CRACK sound and notice an awful bullseye pit smack dab in the middle of your windshield!   Another headache you didn’t need!  Not only is that bullseye on your windshield constantly catching your eye, but now you have to figure out a time and place to get it fixed before it gets worse.  Luckily the glass crew guys are ready and able to get your glass fixed up in no time and have you zipping around on the roads again safe and sound, free of chips or cracks!
To make it even easier for you, Mobile Windshield Repair service comes right to you, and even helps you out even further by filing your auto glass claim on your behalf so you don’t have to deal with extra confusing paperwork!