Bulkhead Painting

Painting your bulkhead is a great way to view your home and add a pop of color in the same way you would if you painted your front door.

If you live by the coast in Boston on Cape Cod, a nice light blue for example might be a nice touch with your weathered shakes. There may be a little more work involved and painting your bulkhead as most likely needs to be stripped and sanded.  Unless you bought a brand new bulkhead that came pre-primed.

Step 1. Cleaning. Before you even begin if your bulkhead has been around for a long time, you may want to give it a scrub down as many of these will be covered with more than dirt. Try to pick a time of year where you and have a week of good dry weather as if you don’t plan on covering it, it will be nice to have consecutive days of warm sunny and dry weather.

Step 2. Next is to strip your bulkhead of any of the previous paint are using a paint thinner. You can use the small metal wire brush or metal sandpaper to scrape it down really good. Make sure you check the hard-to-reach areas like bolts and rivets. You probably want to go the extra mile and use something kind of like a Brillo pad to scrape it so the Bulkhead will be more receptive to a primer.

Step 3. You can then begin painting the bulkhead. Make sure you’re using a oil-based exterior enamel paint and the right type of brush for smooth and even coverage. If the bulkhead is new and has primer on it most of them will have instructions on the inside of the bulkhead on what is the best type of paint to buy and use. Safety measures; You will of course want to wear some sort of face mask to protect you from any fumes. Make sure you’re not painting over the bolts and be careful when you apply the paint, as being sloppy will always show up later.

Step 4. Repeat with the second coat once the paint has dried, and often times you will need a third coat as well. I always recommend going on Pinterest to find examples of great colors you want to model your own bulkhead after. Find colors that compliment your current house siding, doors, trim and roof. If  you find it too much of an undertaking, you could always go with the professional Painter like painting services Boston MA.