Our Cedar Roof

My wife and I bought a beautiful house outside of Providence from the early 1920s. It had tons of character, architectural accents and charming details like built-in shelves, dental molding, and other old world looks. One of the things that attracted us about the house and the lock was a beautiful cedar roof. I’ve always found cedar to be a really attractive roofing solution. I find that has a beautiful appearance and makes the house look timeless.

House also had cedar siding which as it turns out it was red Cedar and by scraping and painting the shingles again we were able to make the house look brand new.

Once we had painted the house there were some issues that came up with the roof. Turns out our roof was affected by having a lot of shade around it primarily by many large trees which caused it to be very damp in some areas not have enough exposure to sunlight. Because it’s a natural product it was them exposed to mold mildew and rot. When I first got up there with the latter I thought perhaps I need to replace the roof but it turns out that wasn’t the case. It seems like most of the damage was just surfaceIn the form of moss growing on the roof. I started by removing the biggest tree which was a great expense but then made the roof flooded with sunlight which dried it out.  The roof is quite steep so I didn’t want to fix the moss problems myself, so I called the roof washing service which was quick and painless and made the roof look like brand new again.