Windshield tips

Generally a repair to a windshield will take about an hour.  If they are replacing your windshield, plan for a bit longer as the adhesive needs to cure and seal properly.  A qualified service glass tech will take time to do the job right and not cut corners. Customer’s safety should always be the number one concern.  Calling ahead of time and setting up an appointment is important, that way they can always make sure we have the exact replacement glass in stock to match your vehicle’s year, make and model.  In the event they don’t have your particular model’s glass in stock they would inform you when it will be available for them to come out and do the job and install the correct glass for your vehicle.


Tips on Windshield Care:

We all know it’s important for the longevity of our cars to get regular oil changes, tire air pressure checks, and regularly scheduled maintenance.  However we shouldn’t discount the fact that taking care of our windshield is also very important. Think about it; the windshield is the main thing that protects us from the open road as we travel.  Firstly, making sure that it is cleaned regularly to maintain good visibility will help with safety on the road.   Secondly, if you find any small chips, nicks, or cracks, it is really important to attend to those little bits of  auto glass damage as soon as you can before they develop into bigger issues.   So the next time you get your oil changed, take a minute to check your windshield, clean it properly and get it fixed right away if you have any damage to it.

There are never enough hours in the day, and finding the time to repair a small crack in your windshield might seem like a major inconvenience. But the problem with putting off a repair that might seem small or too minor to bother with is that it can only get worse.  Your auto glass problem will not fix itself.  With weather changes the glass crack can spread, and if it rains you risk having a leak in your car that will bring moisture damage into your car.   Having a crack in your windshield can also be very distracting while driving, and so all these reasons and more are why it’s so important to attend to your broken auto glass before accidents happen.   Prevent those small chips and cracks from spreading by getting them fixed asap.  Some states in the US even have laws that are enforced, that driving with a cracked windshield can result in a citation. 
If you have insurance coverage in Massachusetts on your vehicle, then it should be a no-brainer when deciding to fix your windshield since there will be no cost to you.  If you are paying out-of-pocket and looking for a price for windshield replacement, then get great competitive price without skimping on quality and service, so you know you are getting the best for the price.
It might seem like an expense now, but putting it off will only make things either more expensive as prices go up, or it will put you at risk on the roads for an accident which will cost more than money, it could cost lives and other’s health and safety.   So get your broken windshield replaced today.

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